From location to workspace, we make a difference NTI International Transportation

Air, sea, parcel, international courier, inland transportation, and storage

‘'NTI International Transportation' is an international transportation logistics company that has achieved a sales increase of more than 15% in domestic and overseas markets every year since starting the international transportation business in 1999.
We are maintaining major customers through 'successful transportation that satisfies clients', which is the foundation of our transportation business, and cultivating strategic partnerships as a logistics service provider in the global and domestic markets.


Air, sea import/export, 3PL/4PL, cold chain service, e-commerce/international courier service.
We are constantly expanding our international network.

  • Air Freight

    It provides rapid air transportation services with competitive fares

  • Sea Freight

    Provides TOTAL logistics services based on expert knowledge and experience

  • e-Commerce/International Express

    Comprehensive delivery of various types of global e-commerce services

  • Import/Customs Services

    Air and sea ONE-STOP services

  • Cold Chain Service

    It provides an efficient cold chain service

  • 3PL/4PL